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Welcome to Precision AG Solutions, LLC. Our focus is applying innovation to the unique processes, environments, chemistry, and other conditions of your farming operation.

Core competencies:

  1. Planning, aligning, and optimizing equipment to the work requirements of our customer’s farm processes.
  2. Design, build, and market silage system innovations.

Staying laser focused on those two initiatives has been a cornerstone of our success.



DT-30s Sighted Crossing Lake Michigan?

Want to know more about why we’re moving this equipment half way across the Midwest?

See Why DT-30s are Afloat?

Want to see what the ROI is for swapping out your semi-trucks for a DT-30?

Want to have a quick conversation about what “significantly improved” silage harvests look like?

Get a Free ROI Analysis.

Shorter transportation time.

Less vehicle maintenance and wear.

Up to 60% soil compaction reduction

Cleaner roads

Increased productivity

Choppers run faster

Diller forage trailers and manure tanker trailers (and straight trucks).

For over 20 years Diller has been delivering custom manufactured agricultural solutions.

  • Manure straight trucks and trailers
  • Forage carts

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